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Founded in 1995, Cynergi is one of the most experienced Web solution companies in the world.

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Backoffice (part 1) 
The Webmaster: User and e-mail address management.

Backoffice (part 2) 
Other users: The Webmail.

Billing and Payments 
Account statements.


Domain name manual 
What is a domain name? How can I chose one for my Web site? Will I need to present documentation proving I'm entitled to use that name?

Web hosting manual 
What is Web hosting? Do I need my own server? Why are its costs so low? How much bandwidth and space will I need?

SSL/EV certificate manual 
What is an SSL/EV (X.509) certificate? Why and when will I need one? What's the difference between SSL and EV? Why are they so expensive?

Web development manual 
What do I need to provide for a Web development project? Where can I find ideas for my project? How long does it take?



"Consulting" is talking to our client in laymen terms, figuring out what he needs and providing a custom solution. In this service we place our entire experience at your disposal to perform your projects.

A recent example of a consulting client is the Portuguese Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados) that regularly hires us to perform new services for its lawyers. It was with this client that we initially created a Webmail with support for digital signatures, technology that we now pass on to all our clients.

If you have Web projects in one of the areas shown to the right, get in touch with us to discuss your needs and estimate costs.

of expertise

Web server related work in C/PHP
We have been working with the C language for over years, and with PHP since its version 2 (almost years). Back offices, front offices, CGI* and application integration are just some of the many projects we've done with these technologies.

Web server related work in ASP[.NET]/C#/VB
We have been working with Microsoft ASP technology since its version 1. Stability problems with this technology (which we cannot fix because it's closed source*) have always made us steer away when we could choose which language to use. However, it is still a market winner because it is being backed by Microsoft, so we will perform your projects in this platform if requested.

Web client related work in [X]HTML, XML, JavaScript, Web 2.0/AJAX/JSON
Our backoffice is made entirely in "Web 2.0": JavaScript updating a page by fetching server data using XML (AJAX*) or JavaScript objects (JSON*). This gives you the type of behavior you see in Gmail and Google Maps for instance.

BlackBerry cell phones are leaders in corporate mobile e-mail and data access. Cynergi develops applications for these devices that you can then distribute to your users using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Automated telephone answering using leading Dialogic hardware. Deliver voice messages as MP3* attachments on e-mails. Deliver faxes as TIFF* attachments. Fetch data from remote servers and speak it back to the caller, if needed.

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