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Founded in 1995, Cynergi is one of the most experienced Web solution companies in the world.


Domain name manual 
What is a domain name? How can I chose one for my Web site? Will I need to present documentation proving I'm entitled to use that name?

Web hosting manual 
What is Web hosting? Do I need my own server? Why are its costs so low? How much bandwidth and space will I need?

SSL/EV certificate manual 
What is an SSL/EV (X.509) certificate? Why and when will I need one? What's the difference between SSL and EV? Why are they so expensive?

Web development manual 
What do I need to provide for a Web development project? Where can I find ideas for my project? How long does it take?

Project portfolio

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Most of the projects we develop do not fit in the typical Web site model. They're special projects involving specialized skills and proper planning.

If your project is in this scope, please fill in the form to your right so that we can provide you with an estimated execution costs and deadlines proposal. The proposal itself is free of charge, but it can take a week to be ready.

Before asking us for a proposal, please have your project planned. You should know it in detail in terms of function and maintenance needs. You should also know which part you want Cynergi to develop and which technical restrictions you will impose (languages, operating systems, etc.).

Proper planning is essential. Mid-project changes can be extremely expensive and lead to great delay in its execution.

to pay

Please don't forget to also give us an idea of the amount you're planning to spend, which will help us to understand the service level you expect.

As in any commercial project, greater initial investment will allow for the development of a more secure long-term solution, reducing maintenance costs and the need to re-invest to support growth.


The quote request form is split into 4 steps:

  1. Sponsor
  2. Contact
  3. Project
  4. Deadlines and amounts
At the end of the 4th step you'll be able to send us the form so that the quote can be prepared. Thank you!

1. Sponsor
The sponsor is the "owner" of the proposal to whom the quote and invoices will be issued. This information also helps us determine the taxes we should include.

2. Contact
We need to know who will be our project contact at the sponsor company, regarding this project.

3. Project
Describe the project completely: what it's for, who will use it, how it should work, etc.

4. Deadlines and amounts


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