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SSL certificates for servers

Issued by trustworthy authorities and automatically recognized on all computer systems.

VeriSign CA

The SSL certificates sold by Cynergi are issued by the VeriSign Certification Authority.

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SSL/EV certificate manual 
What is an SSL/EV (X.509) certificate? Why and when will I need one? What's the difference between SSL and EV? Why are they so expensive?

Other services

Other available certificates and hosting services: EV certificates, domain registration and Web hosting.



Our partnership with VeriSign allows us to offer our clients digital certificates issued by the most experienced certification authority* (CA) for these products. This guarantees the universal compatibility of your certificates and is also an excellent indicator of trustworthiness.

These are extremely important features for this product. To ensure private (SSL*) communication between your Web site and its users the certificates should remain unchanged during their lifetime. But more importantly, the CA shouldn't issue certificates to parties pretending to be someone else, reducing certificate-based fraud and thereby increasing the trust on Web sites exhibiting certificates from that CA.

VeriSign has never issued (authenticationless) "instant certificates" and is known for being one of the most demanding CAs in terms of certificate owner authentication. In terms of trust, you cannot do any better.


VeriSign Secure Site
Classic SSL certificate.
40 to 256 bits encryption.
VeriSign NetSure USD $100,000 guarantee.

1 year billing

VeriSign Secure Site Pro
SGC* SSL certificate.
128 to 256 bits encryption.
VeriSign NetSure USD $250,000 guarantee.

1 year billing



  • One digital certificate for Web services on a specific FQDN*
  • Universal compatibility with all browsers
  • Entitled to use the "VeriSign Secured" seal
  • Trustworthy Certification Authority that does not issue certificates for arbitrary domains or FQDNs
  • VeriSign NetSure USD $100,000 or USD $250,000 guarantee should VeriSign not fulfill its guarantees
  • Free certificate revocation service (CRL – Certificate Revocation List)

Every Secure Site certificate includes

  • Certificate owner authentication;
  • 40/128 to 256 bits encryption.

Every Cynergi service includes
Pro-forma invoice issued upon order placement, electronic billing in advance of each payment renewal date and access to a private Web page where you'll be able to check your current account status (payments made and payments pending), make payments and read and print old invoices.

Why buy
from Cynergi

If all service is provided by VeriSign, why buy the certificates from Cynergi?

The answer is simplicity. You won't lose anything since we price the certificates the same as VeriSign. But you'll be paying that price to the same company that handles your remaining Internet services: all in the same invoice and paid for in the same payment. VeriSign would also need technical server data that you would have to request from us anyway. That step will be automatic and transparent if you place your order with us.

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